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Software Engineer, Applications: Mobile (iOS and Android) Apply

Splitwise Inc. develops the world's most popular application for sharing expenses, the Splitwise app (available on Android, iPhone, and on the web at www.splitwise.com). Millions of people around the world use Splitwise's software to keep track of shared bills expenses for roommates, travelers, couples, families, and friends. Splitwise allows user to record their interpersonal IOUs, debts, and payments, and to keep a balance over time in a cloud application available from a mobile phone.

Software Engineers at Splitwise apply theoretical and practical knowledge of Computer Science and Computer Architecture, Database Design, Website and User Interface design, and Distributed Systems to engineer high-quality, cutting-edge software for desktop computers and mobile phones. The Splitwise software tracks shared expenses, calculates debts, and record data in a globally Distributed Ledger that also functions as a social graph. To deploy quality software at scale to its customers, Splitwise uses a variety of modern Object Oriented programming languages (Java, Ruby, Objective C, Swift, and Javascript) and Data Structures, and modern software testing practices such as Continuous Integration and Deployment, automated Unit Testing and Integration Testing, rigorous Quality Assurance, and an Agile-inspired philosophy.

The position of Software Engineer, Applications: Mobile (iOS and Android) is primarily responsible for collaborating closely with the iPhone and Android teams and interfacing with the Product and Server teams to implement a consistent user experience across both platforms. The Software Engineer position reports to the VP of Engineering.

Essential Job Duties:

  • Engineer new software solutions and features for both the Splitwise iPhone and Splitwise Android Applications, as directed by the VP of Engineering. This includes working with views, animations, networks, databases, unit tests, application security, logging and third party payment SDKs.
  • Develop high-quality Software code for iPhone and Android using modern Data Structures and Algorithms, and use industry standard design patterns such as Model- View Controller, Model View Viewmodel, and Model View Presenter.
  • Maintain the Splitwise iPhone and Android application by identifying and fixing Software bugs, errors, and performance issues, including instrumentation, memory profiling, energy usage optimization.
  • Document work streams and review work by other Splitwise Software Engineers by using Source Control in Git and Issue management on Github, to ensure code quality and standards with an eye towards reliability, maintainability, efficiency, security, modularity, abstraction and consistency.
  • Lead the development of new Software Architecture and Specifications including:
    • iPhone and Android Data Structures, local Database Storage, Networking protocols and APIs, and Distributed Systems
    • User interface implementation conforming to Human Interface Guidelines set by Apple and Material Design guidelines set by Google
    • Algorithms and calculations related to debt sharing and apportionment under constraints
    • Design of hybrid components that can be utilized within a Mobile context using cross platform technologies that work with both iOS and Android.
  • Coordinate with the VP of Engineering team to ensure best practices are followed across the Splitwise platform
  • Consult with the Product Team in developing new features and designing Quality Assurance test plans.
  • Triage issues related to Customer Support escalations, answer and resolve complicated user tickets involving app crashes, hard to reproduce bugs, unusual scenarios that require the expert technical knowledge of a iOS/Android Engineer.
  • Interview and evaluate other Software Engineers as part of Splitwise's interview process.


  • 4-year Bachelor’s Degree (or its foreign equivalent) in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology, or related field.
  • Two years of Experience as a Software Developer.


  • 2+ years of professional experience as a Software Developer/Engineer working on iPhone Applications
  • Experience and/or training in developing native android applications in Java.
  • Experience with one or more iPhone or Android mobile applications with more than 1MM total registered users across platforms.

To apply, send your resume to: jobs-mobile@splitwise.com

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