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Splitwise is looking for Software Engineers to join our growing team. At Splitwise, backend engineers are generalists who work on public-facing features, design and implement the APIs that power our mobile apps, and touch on important parts of our infrastructure, including database scaling and performance, analytics, site reliability, and security. You’ll be helping millions of people manage money with their friends and family and reduce the stress that sharing costs places on relationships.

We use Ruby on Rails to power our APIs, and run our infrastructure on a mixture of Amazon Web Services and Heroku. We generally deploy many times per day, building new features while maintaining backwards compatibility with older versions of our app. As a company, we believe in writing code that is reliable and maintainable, and in testing that code (even in production) to make sure we can depend on it for years to come.

This job reports to Splitwise’s backend engineering manager Jess. You'll collaborate with other engineers (as well as our product and business team) to implement new features and help Splitwise scale on our journey to 100 million+ users. We're currently a small team - and you can make a huge difference.

What you’ll actually do at Splitwise:

  • Build and maintain back-end services that are used by millions of people
  • Work with the team to plan API and architecture updates to our Ruby on Rails codebase
  • Monitor the health of Splitwise in production and make sure your code runs smoothly
  • Integrate Splitwise with third parties in ways that delight users
  • Support users directly and fix bugs that you find
  • Write tests for new updates to make sure they're reliable

Things about you:

  • You enjoy working in a team, and treat others with empathy and respect
  • You write clean, understandable code that can be tested and maintained in the future
  • You can communicate well about technical issues, both in person and in writing
  • When something goes wrong, you love to figure out what broke
  • You're familiar with Ruby and/or Ruby on Rails and happy to grow your Ruby skills. (We don’t require prior Ruby experience, but we will ask you to write Ruby code as part of your interview process)
  • You have a 4-year Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, related degree or equivalent
  • Things that are not required but valued: Relevant professional work experience on another large back-end system, Ruby on Rails expertise, scaling popular consumer-facing web apps, application security, data engineering, site reliability engineering, database administration, work on open source software, past experience with financial technology

Things you’ll learn:

  • How to design consumer-facing systems that are fault-tolerant and secure
  • How to build and rebuild features and APIs to support millions of additional users
  • How to deploy major updates in a large-scale production environment
  • How to react when something unexpected happens
  • How to make product design decisions through feedback and user testing
  • How a small, transparent start-up operates

Application Guidelines:

Please include an attached resume and concise (1-4 sentences) answers to following questions in your application email:

  • Splitwise is based in Providence, and is hiring locally at our Providence HQ and in Greater Boston / Cambridge MA (we are happy to relocate interested candidates). We also support remote candidates that are based in the USA and eligible to work here. Which of these are you interested in?

  • What interests you about working for Splitwise specifically?

  • This position will require you to work in Ruby on Rails, and some of the technical components of the interview process are in Ruby. Are you amenable to interviewing and working in Ruby?

  • Briefly tell us about an interesting technical problem that you’ve faced recently in programming. Were you able to create a solution? If so, how and what was the impact of solving it? If not, what did you do instead and what happened next?

Splitwise is an equal opportunity employer that cares deeply about diversity in tech, and we strongly encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply. We want to build a team at Splitwise that reflects the diversity of customers that we serve, and we hope that team includes you! Join us in our mission to reduce the stress that money places on relationships, and help millions of friends and families around the world.


  • Competitive salary
  • Equity/stock options
  • Top-tier health care (covered 100% for you, 50% for dependents)
  • 4-6 weeks of vacation per year
  • 12+ weeks of parental leave (either parent, or adoption)
  • 401k with match
  • Flexible hours (generally 10am-5pm ET)
  • Free parking or transit benefits
  • Sponsored tickets to industry conferences
  • Choice of work laptop and desk
  • Paid team meals when in office
  • Relocation benefits
  • Dental and vision plans available

Interested? Contact us at jobs@splitwise.com.

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