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Customer Support (part-time, remote OK)

Splitwise is looking to hire a part-time customer support team member in our Providence, RI office (preferred), or remotely anywhere in the USA. The primary responsibility of this job is to make sure we continue to deliver outstanding customer support during periods of peak activity on Splitwise.

Splitwise takes customer support very seriously. Despite being a free product, we generally keep to 1-business day email response times and help our customers in depth with their most challenging questions, such as checking a customer’s math for them if they are confused by our software’s interface. We do this to develop a good reputation and continue to learn from customers, so we can build the best possible product. All members of our team do some customer support as part of their training, and senior engineers and product leaders are involved with customer support escalations regularly.

All support is email or ticket-based, and can be answered via email or forum post (this job does not require phone support). Unlike some companies, we do not manage our support team to hit particular metrics beyond the 1-day turnaround. We seek to provide holistically excellent support for our customers, and encourage people doing customer support to think through the problems they see, take time on challenging cases, and do our best to diagnose issues and underlying problems.

Customer support at Splitwise requires empathy, patience, and excellent writing and analytical skills. Energy and enthusiasm for the internet, software products and the ability to learn on the job will also be helpful. Because of the difficult nature of the job and as part of our compensation philosophy, we offer an above-average hourly salary for the position relative to the Providence job market.

This job reports to the CEO, Jon. You’ll be supervised by and work alongside the existing operations team, especially Sarah. We're currently a small team of just 11 people – you can make a huge difference.

What you'll actually do at Splitwise:

  • Respond to customer emails, tickets, and feature requests 10-20 hours a week. Timing is flexible but some hours will be required around peak traffic days (the start of the month).
  • Help categorize common support issues and surface trends
  • Collaborate and coordinate with the product and operations teams to respond to user feedback and improve our popular app used by millions of people

Things about you:

  • You are curious, energetic, empathetic, thoughtful, and analytical. You find customer problems engaging and learn quickly from experience.
  • You have a strong sense of responsibility and ownership over doing your best work. You take initiative on your own and have good organizational skills.
  • You have very strong English communication skills. You write excellent business emails that are clear, helpful, and concise. You are a good listener and reader, and think critically about what might be behind someone’s questions.
  • You have product intuitions for what may confuse users, and how software can be improved.
  • Valued but not required: past customer service experience, a passion for technology, experience with quality assurance or testing, fluency in a language other than English, a related academic degree, knowledge of Splitwise’s product
  • You are based in the USA and are authorized to work in the US

Things you’ll learn:

  • How to work with software operations tools and technical colleagues to fix software problems and support building new features
  • How to identify customer problems through testing, analysis, intuition, and qualitative research
  • How to work with customers to deliver a delightful customer experience
  • How a small, transparent, customer-focused startup operates


  • Salary: $20-$30/hour. Competitive salary benchmarked to the high end of Providence salaries for the title. (We’re not able to offer stock options for part-time positions)
  • Flexible hours. We generally collaborate 10am-5pm Monday-Friday and need the most help on Mondays and around the 1st of the month, but can make arrangements or offer weekend hours if preferred
  • Remote work available (local to Providence RI is somewhat preferred)
  • Some team meals paid for by company (if available in Providence RI)
  • A company-provided Mac laptop to do your work on

We are an equal opportunity employer that cares deeply about diversity in tech, and we strongly encourage candidates from all backgrounds. We want to build a team at Splitwise that reflects the real world. We hope that team includes you!

Splitwise serves millions of users of all different ages and backgrounds in 170+ countries, and has raised money from leading investors in San Francisco, Boston, and New York. Join us in our mission to reduce the stress that money places on relationships, and help millions of friends and families around the world.

Interested? Contact us at jobs@splitwise.com.

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