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Too many couples, roommates, and friends fight about money. Splitwise makes beautiful apps that make it effortless to share costs. We're passionate about supporting our users, building a world-class product, and solving interesting social problems through technology and design. We're a super-small team backed by leading investors in Boston, New York, and Silicon Valley, and we’re looking for new employees to come join us in Providence, RI.

We offer great benefits, equity in Splitwise, a wonderful office environment, and relocation expenses if you need to move to the Providence area (just 45 minutes from Boston). We're only interested in candidates who are in the New England area, or are willing to relocate.

Interested? Let us know at jobs@splitwise.com.

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There are no open jobs at this time. Thank you for your interest!

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in Providence, RI

Our office is at the heart of the city’s tech scene.

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Ryan Web & design
Marshall iOS & Android
Zoe Product manager
Apoorv Mobile developer
Jess Backend developer
Sarah Customer experience
Mercy Android developer
Landon Data scientist
Leanne Product designer
Joe Backend developer

We love building great things together, and we can’t wait to meet you.

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