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What is Splitwise?

Splitwise is a Providence, RI based company that makes it easy to split bills with friends and family. We organize all your shared expenses and IOUs in one place, so that everyone can see who they owe. Whether you are sharing a ski vacation, splitting rent with roommates, or owe someone for lunch, Splitwise makes life easier. We store data “in the cloud,” so that you can access it anywhere: on iPhone, Android, or on your computer.

We focus on fairness

Most people want to be fair to each other, but sometimes they forget, or can’t decide on what fair is. In addition to helping people honor their debts, we provide mediation advice about fairness issues through our “fairness calculators.” These calculators turn our crowdsourced data into a neutral fairness opinion about your personal situation.

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The Splitwise team

Jon b61955e32d1e217ba9f43d944d97cca6f7b7c244a2e1c307998180c640967c2e

Jonathan Bittner CEO


Jon is a former astrophysics grad student at Harvard who thinks quantitative fairness is pretty fun. He loves surveys, wombats, and his wife, Rebecca.

Ryan 480e20cfe81ef27cf157b42ae8abdd22d89e90c0cd0aafff9f404eba084a96d3

Ryan Laughlin Web & design


Ryan was a CS major at Yale. Now he builds cool stuff for you! When not staring at a screen full of Ruby or CSS, he enjoys drumming, singing, nonograms, and working on strange art projects.

Marshall e7bae101dab02c452db6e7683973d856b3ec248ee887a0373f665cb2a8b28b58

Marshall Weir iOS & Android


Marshall is a mobile developer who has worked for Mobiata and other awesome companies. In his spare time he is a glass-blower and a board game enthusiast.

Zoe 3ff927cc6aff7dd2d1b5f4c508e3788c3820be8e4873b8ae999ee8dbc87d9f45

Zoe Chaves Product manager


Zoe joined Splitwise in 2013. Previously she was an undergrad at Brown, pursuing a degree in architecture and urban planning. In her spare time Zoe likes to read, cook, and stay on the look out for important dogs.

Novall 2b2409904c8f1e9552e7544c528415a6a070b2480adf4e9acaf6a2482562cb66

Novall Khan iOS developer


Novall is an iOS developer and HCI researcher. For fun, she likes to memorize digits of pi, practice her free throws, and sketch narwhal bacons in notebook margins.

Aaron 5f20e9adb2ee139b6040dbb71b5a0e805d73245741af18e8a6c32a2e1bcbe7fe

Aaron Rosenberg Full-stack developer


Aaron is a full stack developer who has been working with Rails and JavaScript forever (or the tech world's equivalent of forever). This is Aaron's second startup and he has worked with many from his agency days.

Apoorv aec985b6859c073ac2beea16bb5384913aba6864f14a8298e2122a4d72ffe5c5

Apoorv Khatreja Mobile developer


Apoorv is a mobile developer who previously built apps for Hike Messenger and Paytm. In his spare time, he likes trekking and replicating Gordon Ramsay recipes.


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Interested in working at Splitwise? We’re growing fast and looking for talented engineers to join us in Providence, RI. Check out the postings on our jobs page and get in touch!